*EACH PARTICIPANT that will be decorating a gingerbread house must be registered seperately.* 


Decorating Gingerbread houses has been a longtime tradiditon in our family. More than the house, its an experience that we want to bring to you all (as safely as possible!). 


In the workshop, each participant registered will decorate their own assembled gingerbread house (brick house with "glass" windows!), as well as the board that their house sits on (think a trail of gumdrops to the door and a candy cane fence around the perimeter!). We will top the house off with powdered sugar snow! 


Each participant will receive a complimentary cookie and hot cocoa (child) or latte (adult)! 


We will have a photo backdrop for participants to take a photo with their finished product! 


Safety measures:

  • NO shared sprinkles or decorations - each participant will get their own sprinkles and decorations and take all of them home when they are finished decorating. 
  • Socially distanced seating for participants: only two participants per table EXCEPT for families/friends who have opted to sit together not socially distanced. In this case, up to 4-6 participants who have been registered to decorate may be seated at the same table. 
  • Linens will be changed after each workshop hour and class.
  • All staff and guests (decorating and not) will wear masks.
  • Workshop will be held outdoors on our shop's patio. 


If participants will be attending the workshop with friends or family and would like to sit at the same table as other participants, please notate that in the section above titled "Sitting at the same table with family or friends? List names please". Be sure to list the names of which participants would like to sit together so that we can best accomodate. 


Who will be decorating the house? Please ensure you let us know the name of the participant in the section above. We will use this to creating name plates for the workshop!

Gingerbread House Decorating At Abbie Cakes!

  • If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms such as a fever, coughing, and shortness of breath please do not attend the decorating workshop.


    If you have a known exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or have traveled internationally in the last 14 days please do not attend the decorating workshop.