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Abbie Cakes is a bakeshop that provides high-quality, custom cakes and desserts hand crafted and tailored to each celebration. We use the finest ingredients and take pride in our design details. Our mission is to create something delicious and unique that brings our client’s vision to life.  In doing so, we aim to provide an unparalleled experience to our clients that is stress-free, transparent and seamless. 


Our vision is to create the same Abbie Cakes experience in our Sweet Kitchen. In every interaction with every client, we want to ensure that they are not only receiving a consistent, quality, and handcrafted drink and/or dessert, but also an unparalleled experience where they feel welcomed, appreciated and a part of Abbie Cakes. Additionally, we want to continue growing our team, growing our skills, and growing the Abbie Cakes name nationwide. 

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